Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is ?
  2. is an online travel blog & a travel website which provides to the user suggestion of which travel partners can be used for reliable & best price holiday’s bookings.

  3. Are you a travel agency?
  4. No we are not a travel agency as the old way of thinking. We are an online travel guide – travel blog which provides through partnerships all the services of a traditional travel agency in a technologically edge way.

  5. What services can I find through
  6. Firstly we provide to our visitors, travel guidance for famous destinations all around the world (we are alwys keep adding destinations to our website) so we can help you to better plan your holidays. Through our partners you can book flight tickets, hotel rooms, ferry tickets, activities, rent a car all over the world through the most reliable, value for money & in most cases best price guaruanteed partnerships. Also you can purchase travel packages through the specific partnership section.

  7. Do I pay anything additional by buying flight tickets, booking hotel rooms, renting a car, booking an activity, buying a travel package or booking a ferry ticket from
  8. No we do not charge any additional fees from our partner’s prices, so you will not pay anything more than the original price.

  9. Does booking via affect the service that I will receive?
  10. Not at all. We are also a team of travellers & we use our services to plan & book our holidays while we travel all around the world. You will not receive any deterior service by booking your flight tickets, hotel rooms, ferry tickets, activities or travel packages from us. Contrary to that, you will receive the very best service as long as we partner with the best operators in the travel industry so that we are sure that the very best services will be provided to you.