Shankly Hotel in Liverpool.

Shankly Hotel is a unique hotel in the center of Liverpool which was built in the memory of Bill Shankly a famous former manager of the city’s football club Liverpool F.C. Shankly hotel is the most thematic hotel that we have seen with very high attention to detail & we strongly advice you to book your holidays at this magnificent hotel.

Shankly hotel is really a very nice hotel.

What we liked most is that the owners of the hotel didn’t just built another ordinary hotel, Shankly hotel in Liverpool is a thematic hotel.

At the reception floor you will find several personal thinks from the career of Bill Shankly. A famous footballer & successful football team coach who is fully loved by the fans of Liverpool football team where he dedicated most of his career.

Shankly hotel rooms are very spacious including luxury rooms, party rooms & luxury studios. Jacuzzi is available at the rooms, very comfy bed & the big variety on the breakfast. BBC channel has created a documentary named the Grand Party Hotel devoted to Shankly Hotel.

In addition the stuff is very friendly 🙂.