Μόντε Κάρλο, Μονακό.

Monaco ~ The 15 best places to visit!

Monaco is one of the most luxurious & glamorous places that you can visit all around the world & is located in an area of just 2 square kilometers. The Monaco, except the imposing buildings has to offer a unique  deep blue see, exotic flowers, palm trees & the rock up from the Mediterranean sea.

It is not only the natural beauty of the location that makes Monaco (the 2nd smallest country in the world) so unique. Here you can find the extravagance in design, the luxury, the riches… a lo of riches. Even if Monaco is not a country of European Union, that is not something that you will notice, as long as the main spoken languages are French & English, plus there are no borders between France & Monaco. Furthermore, the Monégasques use as currency euro.

Prepare your luggagess & be ready for a good weather that you will most probably face in the usually sun shining Monaco.

Here we go now, with the 15 best places to visit in Monaco:

  1. Monte Carlo.

  2. Monte Carlo, Monaco.

    Monte Carlo, Monaco.

    Your first stop shall undoubtedly be at the Monte Carlo, the place where comfort & luxury meet together. The Monte Carlo, is the place that comes immediatelly on the mind of whoever is thinking about the Monaco. It is a wonderful place to enjoy unique architecture houses & various other buildings, expensive cars as well as people dressed in luxury. Without wanting to underestimate the unique creations of human nature in Monte Carlo, but the incomparable natural beauty will take your breath away. The city of Monte Carlo is built on the cape & has a fantastic view of the port of Monaco. You will also find incredible sea views from Monte Carlo Casino. For lunch we suggest you choose one of the 3 restaurants that have been awarded a Michelin star & then walk to Princesse Charlotte Boulevard or Boulevard des Moulins. Both streets include luxury boutiques & haute couture shops . If you are a fan of the genre you can visit the Monte Carlo Opera.


  4. The Prince's Palace in Monaco.

    The Prince’s Palace in Monaco.

    The oldest monarchy in the world calls its home the Prince’s Palace in Monaco, which was built in 1297 by the Grimaldi family, originally from Genoa, Italy. The site where the palace was built was chosen because of its location relative to the sea on the beautiful Le Rocher Peninsula. The Prince’s Palace in Monaco was originally built as a strong defensive castle. From generation to generation the palace was transformed into what it is today, a unique palace in the style of July 14th. Visitors to the palace can tour the site when the Royal Family is away. Inside the palace you will find a gallery of frescoes dating back to the 15th century, the Mazarin room with wooden floors, the blue room covered in blue & gold & the throne room where there is a fairly large Renaissance fireplace.

    Every day at 11:55 in the morning the traditional change of guard takes place at the gate of the palace.


  6. Oceanographic museum of Monaco.

    Oceanographic museum of Monaco ~ Flickr, Iustin Ouatu.

    About 90 meters above sea level is located on the ”Rock”, otherwise known as Monaco the Museum of Oceanography with the oldest aquarium in the world. Its construction was commissioned by Prince Albert & the museum opened its gates in 1910. The Museum of Oceanography is known around the world for its exhibits in the fields of oceanography & marine science.

    In the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco you will find several exhibits from various finds of the famous diver Jack’s Yves Cousteau. But the exhibits that really ”steal the show” are already rare which you can see in various sizes, shapes & colors. In the museum there are 3 aquariums & over 6000 samples in 100 pools. You will be thrilled by the turtle island as well as the touch tank, it is the aquarium inside the museum, in which you can touch with your hand from a sea urchin to a baby shark. Latest additions to the Museum of Oceanography of Monaco is the meadow of the sharks which has a size of 450 cubic meters & in which you can see coral rocks of unusual colors & many creatures that live in.

    After touring the various exhibits of the museum, you can enjoy a wonderful meal in the restaurant located on the roof of the museum, as you enjoy the coastline which is under your feet.

    Tickets for the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco:
  7. The exotic gardens of Monaco – Jardin Exotique de monaco.

  8. Jardin Exotique of Monaco ~ Flickr, MoonDoggie71.

    Jardin Exotique of Monaco ~ Flickr, MoonDoggie71.

    Located in the Fontvielle area, just outside the city center, Jardin Exotique is a pure aesthetic overload. With lush vegetation and stunning sea views, this exotic garden is so beautiful that words can hardly describe it. Tropical plants thrive here due to the stable and quiet weather. You will find species from Mexico, Africa and beyond, with more than 7,000 varieties of succulents. In operation since 1933 there is also an observatory cave with wonderful fun stalagmites and stalactites. A visit to the Anthropology Museum will teach you about the prehistoric era and the prehistoric man who once lived near the cave area.


  10. Saint Nicholas Cathedral of Monaco.

    Saint Nicholas Cathedral of Monaco. ~ Flickr, Brian Logan.

    The Saint Nicholas Cathedral of Monaco, consists a burial ground for all the princes of Monaco, this Roman-Byzantine cathedral is made of stunning white stones carried from neighboring La Turbie. You can visit the tombs of Prince Rainer and Princess Grace. Built in the late 19th century, you will find older treasures in Monaco such as the 16th-century Louis Bréadating and Carrar, the white marble episcopal throne. Be sure to look at the large instrument that is regularly used for concerts and religious ceremonies.

    From September to June you can listen to the “Les Petits Chanteurs de Monaco” and the “Cathedral Choir” that sing en masse every Sunday.

  11. The gardains of Saint Martin – Les Jardins Saint-Martin.

  12. The gardains of Saint Martin - Les Jardins Saint-Martin.

    The gardains of Saint Martin – Les Jardins Saint-Martin. – Les Jardins Saint-Martin ~ Flickr, Javier Doren.

    The gardens of Saint Martin (Les Jardins Saint-Martin) are located near the Museum of Oceanography and overlook the calm blue sea. There you will find a statue in honor of Prince Albert I, a respected marine explorer. The gardens stretch from the coast to the Le Rocher Peninsula and the cliff. In the gardens of St. Martin the exotic species thrive under the rich sun of the Mediterranean. These gardens are ideal for a walk as there is an intricate system of paths that cross the rocky slopes and ridges. The designers have done a great job adding fountains, lakes and small observation points with great views.


  14. Monaco's Formula 1 Grand Prix - Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco.

    Monaco’s Formula 1 Grand Prix – Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco. ~ Flickr, AGPCF1.

    Every year during the last week of May, the famous Formula 1 Grand Prix takes place in Monte Carlo. The race starts from the famous Boulevard Albert I street, and then turns into the Place du Casino afterwards around a rather scary turn in front of the Monte Carlo Fairmont Hotel. The Gran Prix in Monte Carlo is the only car race in the world to take place on the streets of a city. It is easily one of the most popular sporting events in the world. Despite the narrow streets, the race continues every year with a sense of tradition. Finding a spot with a good view – a view of the Grand Prix is ​​difficult, but the whole atmosphere is worth paying a visit.

    You can also combine the Monte Carlo Grand Prix with the Cannes Film Festival on the nearby French Riviera – which also takes place every May.


  16. The Opera of Monte Carlo.

    The Opera of Monte Carlo. ~ Flickr, Al Sanin.

    Inside the luxurious Place du Casino is the Monte Carlo Opera House. This is the richest neighborhood of Monaco – full of palm trees & a stunning fountain, as well as a terrace with wonderful views of the coastline. Built in 1878, the Opera House perfectly complements the neighborhood. It was built by the same man who designed the equally famous opera in Paris. The opera amphitheater is decorated with rich red flowers and gold, beautiful murals and stunning sculptures. The opera season starts from November to June and offers classical music by composers such as Rossini, Mozart and Puccini.

  17. Port of la condamine – Port de la Condamine.

  18. Port of La Condamine - Port de Monaco (Port de la Condamine).

    Port of La Condamine – Port de Monaco (Port de la Condamine). – Port de Monaco (Port de la Condamine) ~ Flickr, Soma Biswas.

    In the shape of a square, the Port de la Condamine was completed in 1926 and was designed to accommodate a large number of luxury yachts – even the Prince docks his private yacht here. The seafront Monaco Yacht Club has more than 1,000 members from around the world and hosts races and festivals throughout the year.

    Enjoy a stroll along the harbor and make a stop for coffee or food at a café or restaurant. You can also rent a catamaran to enjoy a short cruise around Monaco in order to see the impressive coastline.


  20. The garden with roses of Princess Grace in Monaco - Princess Grace Rose Garden de Monaco.

    The garden with roses of Princess Grace in Monaco – Princess Grace Rose Garden de Monaco. ~ Flickr, Oliver Berry.

    Created by Prince Rainer the 3rd as a tribute to Princess Grace, the rose garden has been open since 1984. Located in Fontvielle Park, it covers about 40 acres including a lake with palm trees and a beautiful olive grove. He was awarded the label “Ecological Garden” thanks to the environmentally friendly practices used to maintain the park. Inside there are 300 varieties and over 8,000 roses. If you are a gardener or roses lover, every rose in Princess Grace’s roses has a QR. You can relax on one of the many park benches, admire the sculptures & take a stroll along the many paths and generally just relax in this peaceful setting.

  21. Monaco Ville or Le Rocher (the rock).

  22. Monaco Ville.

    Monaco Ville ~ Flickr, Dorinser.

    Here you will find the old Monaco. The Monaco Ville still has the small medieval strip since it was a stronghold of the Grimaldi dynasty. To get there, you can walk to Rampe Major, a red brick path built in the 16th century. The walk will take you back to the statue of the late Prince Rainer looking down on his beloved country. Be prepared to go uphill. Monaco Ville is located on top of a large rock.

  23. The japanese garden of Monaco – Jardin Japonais De Monaco.

  24. The Japanese garden of Monaco - Jardin Japonais de Monaco.

    The Japanese garden of Monaco – Jardin Japonais de Monaco ~ Flickr, Andrea Einaudi.

    Built on a steep slope at the eastern tip of the country, this authentic Japanese garden is truly a Monaco sight that you can’t lose to visit. Jardin Japonais as it is called in French, is a lush Zen garden with water, stones and vegetation. In an area of ​​over 7,000 square meters, in which you will discover a beach, a primitive stream, and even a rushing waterfall. If you are looking for peace, this is your place. Made to be a small piece of paradise between Monte Carlo and Larvoto, it definitely lives up to that vision.

    Bring your meditation pillow since in the Japanese garden meditation is “welcome”.

  25. New national museum of monaco – Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.

  26. New National Museum of Monaco - Nouveau Musée National de Monaco.

    New National Museum of Monaco – Nouveau Musée National de Monaco ~ MonteCarloSBM.

    The New National Museum of Monaco (Nouveau Musée National de Monaco) is housed in two separate villas: Villa Sauber and Villa Paloma. The exhibits present contemporary art, as well as photography, drawings and paintings. At Villa Sauber the subject is the performing arts and at Villa Paloma it is the environment that is the focus of the artists whose exhibits are on display. It is a progressive museum dedicated to the preservation of tradition and you can see many of the works of the artists in the exhibition, such as many theatrical costumes. It is an interesting and unique place to explore to spend a special afternoon.

  27. Castle antoine of monaco – Fort Antoine de monaco.

  28. Castle Antoine of Monaco - Fort Antoine de Monaco.

    Castle Antoine of Monaco – Fort Antoine de Monaco ~ Flickr, Claude Mas.

    Once a military fortress and now an open-air theater, Fort Antoine is located at the northeastern tip of Le Rocher. Enjoy an incredible summer night show under a starry sky. There is space for about 350 spectators and all performances are in French and free to the public (although you must make a booking first).

    We suggest you  to come to the place early so you can enjoy the view of the coastline of the French Riviera which extends up to Italy.

  29. Sainte-Dévote’s chapel in monaco.

  30. Sainte-Dévote's Chapel in Monaco.

    Sainte-Dévote’s Chapel in Monaco ~ Flickr, Herry Lawford.

    Dedicated to the patron saint of Monaco, this Roman Catholic chapel dates back to the 11th century and was damaged during World War II. It has been renovated. Traditionally, the wife of the Supreme Lord, Prince of Monaco will leave her bridal bouquet of flowers in the chapel after the wedding ceremony.

    The Sainte Devote Chapel is located along the Formula 1 Grand Prix route in Monaco.

Plan your trip to Monaco:

There are three ways to travel to Monaco, the first one is to reach Monaco by plane. The nearest airport to Monaco is Nice Côte d’Azur Airport. You can also visit Monte Carlo and thus reach Monaco if you have a yacht or otherwise via road trip.

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Tip: For more comfort when visiting the sights in Monaco, we suggest you to rent a car with which you can move easily all the days of your stay.