Sunday ride at the seaside part of Athens.

It is Sunday afternoon & you have been tired from the pressure during the week so you organize a ride in order to refill your emotional batteries so as to be at your best for the begining of the new week from tomorrow Monday. The solution at your problem is a ride at the seaside suburbs of Athens, Greece.

Athens seaside suburbs magnificent view.

Due to summer period the traffic congestion in Athens (if you are a Greek citizen or you live in Athens for some years you already know it) is at the lowest levels of all the year. wears the jacket, helmet & we are ready for the ride in Athenian seaside suburbs.

There are a lot unique places to visit where you can also enjoy your drink or coffee. The suggestion of is to choose a seaside place as I also choosed. The relaxing music until the midnight, nice people & magnificent atmosphere will make your Sunday afternoon unforgettable.

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Tip: For more comfort when visiting the sights in Athens, Greece, we suggest you to rent a car with which you can move easily all the days of your stay.